Handbag, wallets and accessories manufacturing

OUR story

MSampaio is a portuguese handbags producer company located northern Portugal, in Porto city.

We have a wide range of products that we supply both on a local level and abroad all Europe, specialized in all types of wallets, bags, sacks, and accessories for over 15 years.

Some of the materials we work with are cork, syntetics, leather applications, canvas, nylon, PU and others.
Starting with portuguese clients, we now export our models across Europe, working both with our designs and client ones.

Our policy is focused to guarantee quality control over each step of production, since the fabric selection and hardware, until the finishing’s, produced responsibly by a experienced and committed team of qualified artisans.

Stamping, screen printing and laser cutting/engraving allow creative solutions with unique designs.

Manuel Sampaio

MSampaio Founder

Manuel cutting cork fabric for a handbag.